Adblockers Detection

The Adtech platform that Citiservi Media has developed implements a service for publishers and media websites that identifies and detects the users who use adblocker browsing their sites and also allows displaying non-blockable personalized content layers in which to display information for an alternative monetization of the audience using adblockers. We are an alternative to Google Funding Choices program.

Detect Ad Blockers

Through algorithms and proprietary technology, we detect audiences and add the segmentation identified by our DMP to users, so the message to show to each user can be customized based on segmentation and contextualization of the pages visited. Examples of messages to display to users with Adblockers detection:

Financial Stock Websites: Patrocinios de brokers y bancos.
Websites con contenido especializado de nicho: Llamada a suscripción de pago.
Pregnancy & Familiy Websites: suscripción gratis + cupones de prueba.
Any other type Websites: creatividades y enlaces de afiliación en función de la segmentación.
News Websites: noticias basadas en la segmentación previa o en el contextual de la noticia que está leyendo.

Advantages of Identifying users with Adblocker

  • The ability to identify audiences using adblockers allows us to find new ways to monetize such users who do not want to be impacted by adservers. Never put a screenshot that covers the entire page, that will make the user not come back.
  • Be imaginative, we help you with our tools.
  • Our tools are an alternative to Google Funding Choice program. Don’t give it all up to Google.
  • Who uses an adblocker is a heavy user. He wants more. Study it.

Do you want information to detect users with Ad blocker?

We are the leading company in Spain detecting users with Adblocker